Office Gangsta

If you’re working in an office on a fresh Monday, this one’s for you. And if you’re not, you’re lucky.

16 Responses to “Office Gangsta”

  1. Quite possibly the best office comedy ever. So many truisms in this film that’s downright scary. Every time I see this film I always wonder why Gary Cole isn’t in more comedies? The man is hilarious in this film as the boss from hell.

  2. Whenever people start slobbering over FIGHT CLUB I point out that OFFICE SPACE is the better dig at corporate cubicle slavery.

    Cole got a nice boost from this as he was in most recently in PINEAPPLE EXPRESS – tho nowhere near as funny. I also liked him in WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON (don’t ask).

    • Good point on the OFFICE SPACE and FIGHT CLUB. Also, check out the eerily parallels between the scene early on in THE MATRIX when Keanu Reeves’ character evades Hugo Weaving and his boys through a maze of cubicles – not unlike Ron Livingston’s character trying to dodge Gary Cole in OFFICE SPACE.

      I also forgot that Gary Cole was very funny as a co-sportscaster along with Jason Bateman in that DODGEBALL film. Man, were they ever funny together. The best thing about that entire film!

  3. just to say, when i was a teen i once had a boss EXACTLY like gary cole in ‘office space’, right down to the glasses and slow ‘yeeaaaah’s (plus he was a bit handsey). needless to say i wanted to punch him in the face hourly.

    (cole is way funny in ‘talladega nights: the ricky bobby’ thing also, whatever it was called)


    Office Space is very funny, but as someone who’s been an office drone doing MUNDANE BULLSHIT for 15 years now, FIGHT CLUB is the truer depictions of the ABSOLUTE EMPTINESS AND WORTHLESSNESS of being a FUCKING NOBODY when you thought your entire life you would BE FAMOUS and get to FUCK MODELS. No movie better taps into my rage and TYLER DURDEN is a FUCKING GOD.

    Only thing is, fighting other dudes seems kind of gay. They should remake it and call it VAG CLUB where the bored, nonfamous office drones corral hookers and BANG THEM in underground clubs.


    • LexG, this will bring no relief to your being ruttish, but I must tell you that I totally dig your take on things and you are right on with regard to Fight Club. I too speak from experience, having had a cube existence for the past 14years; Chris, please consider me for a supporting role should you option LexG’s idea for Vag Club.

      I’d be interested in opinions from anyone who read Chuck Palahniuh’s book ‘Fight Club’. Its been on my radar for quite awhile.

      • FIGHT CLUB is for whiny white proto-libertarians;]

      • The book is quite good and I read it after seeing the film (like many others, I suppose) and was really quite amazed at how well the filmmakers adapted it. Of course, the book goes into more detail on certain things but it is definitely worth reading if you’re a fan of the film.

        • I actually interviewed Jim Uhls for Creative Screenwrirting and did a book to script comparison — it is one of the mos faithful adaptations ever. I just didn’t like the tone of the film, which struck me as JACK-ASS for intellectuals. Paul Thomas Anderson thought it glorified violence which it did to the point we have real life Fight Clubs across the nation now. It’s a strange big studio film that’s for sure.

          • Well, it’s one of those rare studio films that bites the hand that feeds it, gleefully making fun of and criticizing corporations but doing it from within the safety of a corporate backed film. As for the issue of violence, I think that it glorifies and also shows the horrific effects, like when Jared Leto gets his face pulped. It sorta shows both sides but I dig it for it anarchistic vibe.

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