Friday Song: Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield is one of those 1960’s pop figures who veered in and out of style for her long career (another reason I bow to the Pet Shop Boys is for bringing her back to the public light with their 1986 hit “What Have I Done To Deserve This?”). She burst onto the scene in 1963 and entered the international cinematic jet set era with her classic rendition of Burt Bacharach’s “The Look of Love” from CASINO ROYALE (1967). Being a “white soul” singer and genuine proponent of the Motown sound, she marked her territory with her 1969 masterpiece, “Dusty In Memphis,” featuring hits like “Son Of A Preacher Man” and others. This would make a perfect book-end to “Elvis In Memphis,” both featuring the same great session men that helped create that wonderful late 60’s sonic shell. The whole album is layered in soulful vocals and silky strings, framed by a distinctly Southern ambiance. Probably my favorite track is “Just A Little Lovin’,” the song that kicks off the record, a sensual ode to the best way to start the day…


2 Responses to “Friday Song: Dusty Springfield”

  1. Dusty is one of my favorite singers from the 60’s. Great selection for a Friday Song, my friend. Thanks for this.

  2. Hey, good idea. I’m typing “Dusty Springfield” into my search box right now.

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