“God Bless you, Quentin Tarantino.”

As a frequent patron to the wonderful New Beverly Cinema a few blocks away, I was thrilled to hear that long-time regular and Guardian Angel Quentin Tarantino had taken over the building so that the theater could live on in an era where going out to a repertory house is a privilege, not a cultural right anymore. Sherman Torgan, the theater’s late founder, told me great stories about his life in repertory, though he was rightfully saddened by the dwindling of dedicated moviegoers, some who think that a digital replication is the only proper way to view a film. But the best way to view a film is in a movie theater, and Michael Torgan has kept the projectors reeling; the New Bev has great new cozy seats, a fantastic redesigned sound and projection system, and at 7 bucks for a double-feature — with awesome crew and cheap delicious snackage — including programming by Tarantino, Joe Dante, Edgar Wright, Diablo Cody and others, there’s no better movie deal in town. And it’s no accident the French theater from INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS looks familiar (Tarantino even had Melanie Laurent operate the projectors there to prep for her role). Thanks to Mr. Peel for alerting me to this clip of QT on Craig Ferguson talking about subtext and the New Beverly. In a town where motion picture landmarks vanish overnight, you have to give mad props to Quentin for putting his money where his mouth is.

3 Responses to ““God Bless you, Quentin Tarantino.””

  1. Amen! Whether you hate QT or note, you’ve have to give the man respect for doing this. Lot of people talk about their love of film, etc. but here’s someone who steps up and proves it by saving a wonderful theater like this one. Alas, I don’t live anywhere near it but it is still good to know that places like this still exist and that there are people out there who still feel passionate about seeing films the way they were meant to be seen.

  2. Hey Chris. I remember you mentioning this when you were in Sacto. Very cool. It’s nice that he really puts his money where his mouth is. Luckily we still have the Tower and the Crest and it seems like they are doing okay, even if their glory is a bit faded.

    The biggest problem with seeing movies these days is that people don’t know how to BEHAVE at a movie. These idiots that talk to each other or on their cell phones and send text messages. It seems many people have the attention span of a gnat. This has often made going to the movies an unpleasant experience for me. At least folks at the Tower and the Crest are still respectful of their fellow moviegoers. I hope it’s the same at the New Beverly Cinema.

  3. THE FUTURIST! was overheard the other day relating how the Los Angeles area has a more bountiful selection of revival houses. It seems the New York area is not what it had once been in tis regard. There is still the Film Forum and the Walter Reade at Lincoln Center, but does THE FUTURIST! dare say that the slate of films and festivals seem to always tilt to the esoteric and “nose in the air” fare. The L.A. houses tilt both ways … classics and just plain old fun. Why can’t the public have Truffaut and Godard and George Segal in ROLLERCOASTER ? THE FUTURIST! has always been heard to say that to love cinema is to sample and taste all of cinema.

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