The Big Blue Marble

When I saw these NASA photos showing the most-detailed Earth images yet, I immediately flashed onto the catchy opening to the 1974-1984 cultural science show, “The Big Blue Marble,” a classic Montessori style children’s show that reflected the global diversity of the Me Decade. Imagine my surprise when I found this new photo series is indeed titled “Blue Marble.” You can see me down there if you look closer.


6 Responses to “The Big Blue Marble”

  1. What the hell happened to the awesomeness that was children’s programming in the 70s?

  2. thank you xian.

    you still look young.

  3. What, are you deleting my posts now?

    Fuck YOU, bitch.

    I will make it MY LIFE’S MISSION to post here every 10 minutes from my seven different computers now. DON’T YOU DARE.

  4. Ha ha, I *totally* used to watch “Big Blue Marble” on Sunday mornings:-) Good post! Thanks for sharing…

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