For LexG

Sometimes you find yourself driving a friend’s BMW up the Malibu coast on a spectacular blue and green Los Angeles afternoon.



6 Responses to “For LexG”

  1. WICKED is a better song.

    Or BOW DOWN.

    Don’t expect a lot of responses, C, because everyone who posts here is 50 and white, and this kind of music scares them.

  2. ALSO:

    I’ve never had a good day in my life.

    Even my few occasional random bits of happiness were accompanied by mild disappointment, shame, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

    I am miserable every second of my life. I am a true loser.

    I am a failure. And apparently ugly.

  3. “Wicked” is a great song to be sure. But the having the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the video was kinda wack. Still, that entire album, THE PREDATOR, is pretty awesome and I think the best thing Cube has ever done.

  4. Ice Cube is so cute, I just want to hug him.

  5. christian Says:

    He would hug you right back.

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