Courtesy of the Japan Society Film blog, here’s one of the best Japanese star ads I’ve ever seen, allegedly directed by the wild Nobuhiko Obayashi and featuring Charles Bronson pimping the apropos named “Mandom.” Who wouldn’t want to be Bronson for a New Yawk 70’s night — and he’s not even hunting down street punks. He’s one suave motherfucker.


10 Responses to ““Mandom””

  1. Wow, those are some pretty wild ads! He was bathing in that stuff. Take it easy with the cologne, Mr. Bronson.

  2. frank b Says:

    These ads will never look the same to me after LOST IN TRANSLATION.

    Couple of questions: he slathers on half a bottle of this stuff, just to sit home alone, smoking his pipe? Is that a visual euphemism, or are we to assume that the groupies are on the way up?

    What’s with the pensive face-stroking, like he’s blind and forgot what he looks like? Bizarre.

    How did he get that stomach? I can’t seem to get rid of that two or three pounds in the lower abdominal area. Or is the old “high-waisted pants” trick? Let’s hold a seance and ask him.

    Finally, and perhaps most mystifying: what happened to his shirt? It goes up, but it doesn’t come down. It’s magic.

    • christian Says:

      Only Chuck can truly answer these mysterious queries. I love how this ad highlights Bronson’s Manhattan lover mystique and his tough guy image. That shirt throwing moment is incredible. And yes, he’s really caking it on.

  3. frank b Says:

    I was almost expecting him to burst into song. Like this guy:

    Warning: video will give you nightmares. Really.

  4. christian Says:

    I need never see that clip again — talk about viral!

    But oh noes:

  5. jkeeling Says:

    i am sitting in my kitchen with Mike and Adam, und vie aren’t humping, yet.

  6. frank b Says:

    What the — ???? Landa doing the scary Russian guy song? I have entered some strange parallel universe.

    Even so, none of the parodies comes close to fucking with my head as much as the truly terrifying original. I just know that The Happy Russian wants to eat my liver — raw — and that he won’t stop smiling as he does so.

  7. frank b Says:

    Take THAT.

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