Listening Pleasure

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15 Responses to “Listening Pleasure”

  1. THE FUTURIST! used this as background music while he filled out his N.J. State Income Tax form. Hopefully, he made no errors during The Ecstasy of Gold … those ooohs and aaahs were thrillingly distracting.

  2. thanx for that ! a good morning munch….

  3. Nice mix! Loved the ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 track. I got ESCAPE FROM NY on my iTunes right now. The Duke’s theme song has to be one THE funkiest tracks. Man, I miss Isaac Hayes.

  4. AP13 score floats like a synthetic bat, stings like an electronic manta ray and wails like robot coyote.

  5. The FLINT theme is soooooo good. Goldsmith was a master. You hear this and realize how empty movie music is today.

    • Yeah, it does kick ass. Goldsmith was THE man… so many great scores. I still get goosebumps hearing the theme song for STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.

  6. speaking of the great mark shreeve, check out MAJEURE – this teleforce track will remind you of so many things…

  7. Christian, THE FUTURIST! had that very same OUR MAN FLINT video ready for one of his SATURDAY MUSIC posts. You and THE FUTURIST! share a mind … once again. By the way, THE FUTURIST! wants it back. ;)

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