When Monday Feels Like Friday


7 Responses to “When Monday Feels Like Friday”

  1. Ah, back in the day when Oasis fancied themselves the Second Coming of the Beatles/Rolling Stones. The first two albums are still really great with “Cigarettes and Alcohol” being my fave. I always felt like they lost the plot when Bonehead and the other guy left the band.

  2. Off topic, but I want my hour back.

  3. My son, Sebastian, used to play Oasis CDs at top volume from his bedroom much to my deep annoyance. Even he, though, has filed them under ‘No Go Area’, thank God!

    • christian Says:

      Trust me, one day he’ll drag those out again and start blasting. You just might not be around then;]

  4. I guess if I had to choose, I’d be more of a Blur guy. However:


    …you win.

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