Robert Culp RIP

He was a very unique, savvy actor among other pursuits. Now where is the wide-screen release of his fascinating 1972 directorial debut, HICKEY & BOGGS, also starring Bill Cosby and written by Walter Hill?

5 Responses to “Robert Culp RIP”

  1. Cheesy I know, but I loved the hell out of Greatest American Hero and especially Culp in it.

  2. This one has hit me hard. I grew up watching him in various TV shows during the 60’s. Even the later shows, like Greatest American Hero, drew me because he was in them. I’m really hoping NEW BEVERLY CINEMA or American Cinematheque bring back Hickey & Boggs to a big screen. I saw it in its first run (’72 in a pretty much empty theater) and loved it then. Highly underrated neo-noir gem. I’m going to miss him. Thanks, Christian.

  3. christian Says:

    Yeah, it’s time for a Culp media run. For a start, I’ll have to rewatch DEMON WITH A GLASS HAND from TV’s Outer Limits written by pal Harlan Ellison…I’m sure Michael and the gang at the New Bev will hook up a HICKEY & BOGGS screening soon.

  4. In tribute to the late Robert Culp, I just introduced my kids to that most classic of THE OUTER LIMITS episodes. They thought Demon with a Glass Hand was pretty awesome, too. Hope you enjoy your showing. Thanks.

  5. Sorry to hear that. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I mainly remember him from GAH as well, but I always liked him as a presence.

    HICKEY AND BOGGS sounds worth keeping an eye out for. Please keep us filled in on availability.

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