Saturday Afternoon Matinee ’75

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  1. YAY!!!

    i saw this at the drive-in when i was but a lass, i remember that long-gone summer night clearly, thrillingly fantastic action-adventure. i was enthralled by the terrific(ally cheesy) stop-mo dinos, the unibrow cavemen, the volcano, the escape, those cool shots of the sub entering the ice cave and coming out in the dangerous prehistoric wonderland lagoon, what a trip down memory lane!

    (i actually had this on VHS for the longest time but the tape gave up the ghost many many years ago and life intervened and i never got around to replacing it, what a shame — i really must try to get my hands on it if only to play it for the boy and regale him with the tale from my youth and get the obligatory earful about how cheesy and unrealistic it is – such a child of jurassic park era dinos – and thus make myself appear even more crypt-keeper-like in his eyes!)

    and another beauty one-sheet, christian, classic

    • christian Says:

      That poster alone made me salivate for the movie, though I knew from the hallowed pages of Famous Monsters that producer Subotsky wouldn’t spring for stop-motion and got Roger Christian and others to build impressive but ineffectual costumed/mechanical/puppet-saurs — I believe dinosaurs can only EXIST in stop-motion animation world. That said, it was a fun perfect Saturday afternoon matinee.

      Sit your boy down and regal him. You are hilarious as usual, leah.

      • wow, the dinos were that on the cheap? i will NEVER hear the end of it from the boy, awesome, i really must have a look at it now

        (thanks for the kind words C, i’m super knackered so i’ve crossed that weird invisible line from merely exhausted into loopy, i’ll do my best not to ramble incoherently on your blog)

  2. Yeah, your rambles are always a pleasure, as are your babbles, blathers and blithers.

    Cheap is right. Triceratops = two-guys-in-a-Vaudeville-horse-suit, the breathtaking verisimilitude spoiled by the fact that all four legs bent forward. (Or might I be thinking of the even more wonderful THE LAST DINOSAUR, which was superior by virtue of having its own theme song? I’d fall over from shock if you weren’t familiar with that protean achievement.)

    And yet (getting back to LTTF) I remember my dad finding the scene in which a guy is spirited away between the jaws of a pterosaur, legs kicking mechanically, to be in poor taste. He’s a Vietnam vet, but stuff in movies that I laughed off frequently managed to offend him. (Don’t get me started on the time he decided to accompany me to a screening of SCANNERS. I thought he was gonna have me committed.)

  3. aaaah kevin connor ! aaahh doug mc clure ! one of the best combos ever… seven cities of atlantis was my kid cult movie… this one also had a huge impact on me : and the ending was surprisingly dark and desperate…

    stop-mo dinos are NEVER cheesy ;)

    • christian Says:

      Yes, what I recall most is the dark last scene with them wandering through the snow. Even kid’s movies had bummer endings in the 70’s…

  4. oops.. make that “warlords of atlantis” ;)

  5. in looking for a clip of the dinos i discovered ‘TLTTF’ is on youtube in 7 glorious parts (of course it is!) and also discovered someone has done a remake i’ve never heard of — and from the looks of it the reimaginationing provides further proof that modern productions values do not equate to a superior flick by any stretch of the imagination

    anyhoo, here’s fabulous part 7: (the sound is completely bung, like a full minute out of sync with the visuals) the film begins and ends with the ‘message in the bottle’ plummeting over the cliff into the sea, v cool

    (i apologise in advance if i fuck up this link, my track record for doing links properly on this blog is appalling)

  6. dave, this is the remake of ‘the land that time forgot’ to which i was referring:

    (please just the link this time, fingers crossed:)

  7. Wow, that looks awful. Was it actually released in theaters?

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