Friday Song: Astrud Gilberto/Stan Getz

What better way to leap into Spring (is that a redundancy?) than with this archetypal 1964 bossa-nova classic that launched a million cocktails in lounges around the world….

16 Responses to “Friday Song: Astrud Gilberto/Stan Getz”

  1. ahhhh…my favorite cocktail hour song.

  2. Rumor has it this was used to trigger Soviet Cuban Sleeper agents in the USA in the 60s.

  3. Astrud Gilberto! I love Astrud Gilberto! Truly wonderful stuff!

  4. How times change. No way these days a performer gets away with just standing subdued on stage and singing. Today’s singers are so over the top “passionate,” I frankly and ironically find them boring.

  5. frank b Says:

    Gotta keep the morons awake.

  6. Another great selection for this Friday, Christian. Gilberto and Getz is one classic pairing. Thanks for this.

  7. That was great. Love that set, too. Still way ahead of its time.

  8. frank b Says:

    Now I’ve give it some thought, it might be better if she held the notes longer, gave it more lung power and waved her hands around some. Plus it’s hard to tell if she’s a good singer when I can’t see her bellybutton.

    But, for real, like: was she still fairly new to TV at this point? Because even though she sounds great, she looks a little stiff and camera-shy. Or was that just her presence?

    • christian Says:

      Darling, you just don’t have IT. The musicians are good but until you learn to belt out one long note and quiver we simply can’t use you here. NEXT.

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