Enemy Mine

This is why regulations are so evil. Because global-warming deniers and ex-Bush officials at Massey Energy didn’t want to spend all that wasted money to make their dangerous mines less dangerous:

The Upper Big Branch mine in Monday’s tragedy had the worst safety record of any underground coal mine in its county, according to a story by USA TODAY colleague Thomas Frank, citing federal documents. On 54 occasions since Jan. 1, 2009, he reports, federal inspectors shut part of it because of safety violations.

It has been cited for 3,007 safety violations since 1995, and its owner, Richmond-based Massey Energy, is contesting 353 of them, says an analysis of Mine Safety and Health Administration data by the Think Progress blog of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a self-described “progressive think tank.”


2 Responses to “Enemy Mine”

  1. Joanaroo Says:

    It’s a shame so many people had to die at this mine, and the head of it doesn’t care how many do. He buys judges and politicians left and right. Well, mostly Right. Read where the junk in the town water and safety of the areas of land and quarries where mining has been done isn’t much either. Apparently an area of rock can possibly collapse on a town.

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