Friday Song: Duran Duran

To help whisk in Spring, here’s “My Own Way,” one of the most lively DD songs from their 1982 New Romantic masterwork, “Rio.” This first version had a more distinct disco-string sound, and the 12-inch  — played live in the studio and not remixed — is one of their finest hours. I think it’s the best of their many fantastic “Night Versions” — even though the band weren’t happy with the first release and recorded a much more jangly version for “Rio.” I particularly loved the exotic 12-inch sleeves designed by Assorted Images, reflecting the global late bar dance floor jet set nuclear poetics of one of my very favorite bands. April showers get out of my way…


2 Responses to “Friday Song: Duran Duran”

  1. Never crazy about this song. For me, the stand out track on RIO was the haunting track “The Chauffeur.” Nice video as well, incidentally.

    • christian Says:

      FANTASTIC song and video. As fer My Own Way, I’m a sucker for strings and this is just a great driving song. The 12 inch especially. Check out the Making Of Rio on Netflix Instant Watch.

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