Save The Earth Day


14 Responses to “Save The Earth Day”

  1. Good selection for today, Christian. Classic. Thanks.

  2. Funny! was this a real old movie or someone clever making a poster to look like a movie?

  3. christian Says:

    My personal favorite Godzilla film.

  4. The old TV cut of SMOG MONSTER was the BEST DUB EVER. I think it was the AIP version.

    A rare case where a shitty, badly-dubbed pan and scan taped off of local TV 30 years ago is infinitely preferable to the professional dubbed, widescreen version that’s on DVD (and used to play Sci Fi Channel in the late 90s.) They even changed SAVED THE EARTH back to the original Japanese!

    Total bullshit.

  5. yay for the earth! i’m a HUGE fan

    (i’ve never seen ‘gojira v the smog monster’, go figure)

  6. How is it possible that I have no recollection of this song?

    Cole Porter couldn’t have done it better.

    • christian Says:

      Porter wrote the original version in 1934. Slightly different lyrics:

      “Save The Earth
      Pass the drink
      We’ll dance all night
      Forget the stink”

  7. the best godzilla movie ever ? definitely. crazy sequences, perfect indestructible monster. never godzilla did face such a terrifying threat.

    am i mistaken or was this movie the inspiration for the spectreman tv show of yonder ?

    • christian Says:

      This is the ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE of Godzilla movies. It’s beautifully shot (and Ishiro Honda apparently did uncredited direction, which accounts for some of the atmosphere) — but it’s a singular proto-Seijin Suzuki bugfuck psychedelic monster bash. And I want the original AIP dubbed cut because this version of SAVE THE EARTH is the best.

      SPECTREMAN was on the air in 1971 after GODZILLA VS HEDORAH but I don’t see any connection…

      • the connection for me has more to do with the spectreman concept and the monsters themselves : man polluted the planet, and giant pollution monsters attack ! there is a also a very cool seventies soundtrack…

        • christian Says:

          SPECTREMAN ran on the San Francisco CAPTAIN COSMIC show (a front for beloved horror host Bob Wilkins) and I watched faithfully, though I didn’t care for his design — though I loved the ape alien villains.

          Mel Welles, from LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS did the English adaptation.

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