Friday Song: Beck

To honor your inner-Silverlake hipster, here’s “Lost Cause” one of my favorite tunes from the eclectic pop master Beck and his underrated 2002 disc, “Sea Change.” The album is a melancholy low-key production but filled with moments of hope and beauty; this is a perfect soundtrack for a long meditative road-trip. And since this is one of those weeks when the madness of Los Angeles manifests itself…


5 Responses to “Friday Song: Beck”

  1. yeah, I dig this song too. Alto, for my money I still think his best song is a toss-up between “Beercan” or “Sissyneck” (love that whistling that kicks off the song). ODELAY still holds up – still the best thing he’s ever done, IMO.

    • christian Says:

      I prefer MUTATIONS myself. I was living in Texas at the time and it was the perfect soundtrack. ODELAY is good tho.


  3. Depending on my mood, my favorite Beck is either MUTATIONS or SEA CHANGE. I tend to like sad Beck best.

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