Saturday Afternoon Matinee

10 Responses to “Saturday Afternoon Matinee”

  1. Yep. Looks to me like they’re about to “come,” all right.

    • christian Says:

      Do you think marketing was aware?

      • Wiki says it was rated “G” and the marketing campaign was aimed at children. I’d like to think the ad executives were having a bit of devious fun, but seeing how marketing usually plays things safe, I’d guess they were unaware of the double meaning.

        • christian Says:

          THE GREEN SLIME was definitely a “G” — a co-production between MGM and TOHO, and directed by Kinji Fukasaku, who Tarantino dedicated KILL BILL to. He’s best known of course for the notorious BATTLE ROYALE (2000) which you should definitely see Anthony — high school war, Japanese style.

          Ad men aren’t stupid, so that tentacle’s location can’t be too accidental. Still a fantastic genre poster, one of my favorites. As is the fun, goofy colorful film, which needs to be on DVD stat!

  2. Frank B Says:

    THE BIRDS is coming!

  3. Frank B Says:

    Tracy Jordan is WHO DAT NINJA!

  4. Frank B Says:

    I AM posting comments too quickly! Slow down!

  5. I love Kirsten Dunst

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