Friday Song: a-ha

Yes, I will be seeing a-ha at Club Nokia for their final American show on their global “End On A High Note” tour. It’s the end of an era for my favorite post-Beatles band, a lonely niche for any American fan as this country lost out in appreciating their dark, melodic, and majestic songs, written by Mags and Paul Waaktar-Savoy and vocalized by Morten Harkett. They were always well-reviewed and respected around the world, obviously far more popular, and their admirers includes U2; Morrissey, Leonard Cohen; new bands like Royskopp and Coldplay cite them as huge influences. And they even did a James Bond theme song.

They certainly influenced my life, their ambitious melancholia mirroring my own, and when my friends made fun of me, I told them you don’t get to choose what music moves your soul. I’m a sucker for a great melody and they had a unique talent for that rarest of music gifts. Their sound was a cross between The Doors and Depeche Mode mixed with Grieg and Tangerine Dream, filtered through their own Nordic cinematic sweep and scope. The first time I played their 1985 debut album, “Hunting High and Low,” out of pop curiousity, I was theirs forever by track five: “Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale.” This remains my favorite a-ha song, as it probably is for their most devout fans, and when the trio play the soaring epic on Saturday night, I expect there won’t be a dry heart in the house as we all wonder where we’re supposed to go now…

13 Responses to “Friday Song: a-ha”

  1. Christian, have you SEEN A MOVIE or LISTENED TO NEW MUSIC since 1987?


    Put up some MILEY or ORIANTHI or something.

    • Claudia van Tilburg Says:

      Jumping in here:
      Good God Lex : Don’t you even know that a-ha have been recording and releasing music until last year and are touring to this very day today ?

      So this actually IS something current.

  2. Frank B Says:

    We all have our quirks.

    • christian Says:

      Lex should know. I guess Beck or The Surfboards of Canada or the Asylum Street Spankers isn’t au courant enough. Of course, no grown man should be listening to Hannah Montana…

      • a) That shit all sucks dick.

        b) I’m a fan of Miley as Miley, not as Hannah.

        You should have more threads about Miley.

        • christian Says:

          Can’t you troll for her at the Disney site?

          • Showtune banned me again.

            YEP YEP.

            Hilarious that he bans me then spends the evening posting old centerfolds, porn links, and a poll about Twilight.

            He’s RUBBING IT IN.

            That’s ok because I am RUBBING IT OUT.

            GOOD JOKE.

  3. Join us at the fan partiees tomorrow before and after the gig? for info…

  4. a great band ! underestimated composer waaktar, great 80s vibes (true eighties vibe ?), great clips (hey take on me was pretty daring, as hunting high and low), great haircuts… their new stuff is very interesting…. and the living daylight was a perfect (non female) bond song… there s a lot to love in this band… go for it xian….

  5. I’m a fan and I’m just 21 :-) ! A-Ha is the best band ever (for me)!!!

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