Ronnie James Dio RIP

I saw Black Sabbath on their tour for “The Mob Rules” and was impressed that my favorite metal band had managed to replace one of the irreplaceables, at least for two great records including “Heaven And Hell.” That “The Mob Rules” was apropos written for the adult fantasy cartoon HEAVY METAL was icing on the cross. Dio was great in concert and he had a wicked set of gothic pipes. I’d like to think he’s bringing a little bit of Heaven to Hell right now or vice versa…


5 Responses to “Ronnie James Dio RIP”

  1. Heaven and Hell! I loved that vinyl record as a teen and until now I’d forgotten I’d ever owned it. LOL.

    RIP Ronnie James.

  2. Never had a chance to see the man in concert but he had some great pipes and in all the interviews I’ve ever seen with him, seemed like a super nice guy. Friggin’ cancer…

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