Shock Cinema!

The new issue of SHOCK CINEMA is on the stands now featuring the usual funny and insightful reviews by Steven Puchalski, along with a rare, fascinating interview by Steve Ryfle with Jim Kelly, who lays out for the record exactly what he thought of Bruce Lee. Grab it now, man.


13 Responses to “Shock Cinema!”

  1. Frank B Says:

    Am I the only one to whom it appears Kelly is responding to Lauter’s switchblade poking up from below? “Watch where you stick that thing, jive turkey!”

  2. Frank B Says:

    Your style is unorthodox.

    • christian Says:

      But effective.

      • since i’m unlikely to get my hands on this copy of ‘shock cinema’, may i ask anyone who’s read it to please let me know: what exactly did jim kelly think of bruce? i’d be eternally grateful

        • christian Says:

          You can order from overseas, dear leah. And I can’t believe that there’s not some wise booksmith stocking at least one issue of SC…Best Magazine Ever.

          • darn it, c, there probably is a wise booksmith (and it looks like i can order from here) but i was trying to get away with being lazy, cheap and uninformed!

  3. This is fucking boring, put up some pics of Miley Cyrus or something awesome.


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