American Dreamer


13 Responses to “American Dreamer”

  1. Frank B Says:

    Now it’s dark.

  2. christian Says:


  3. wow, truly the end of an era

    i can’t decide which is the quintessential dennis role for me so i won’t try – maybe in time i’ll settle on one – but in the meantime, rest in peace dear mr. hopper, and thanks for the memories :-*

  4. christian Says:

    I mean, this is a guy who debuted in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE in 1955. He lived through six decades of filmmaking….

  5. THE FUTURIST! read today that John Wayne chased Hopper, in a anger, on the set of TRUE GRIT, with a loaded gun.

  6. christian Says:

    “The artist is always alone…”

  7. “If there’s one thing I can’t fucking stand it’s warm fucking beer!” I have fond memories of watching BLUE VELVET for the first time and Dennis Hopper’s performance in that one scaring the living crap out of me.

    I just watched RIVER’S EDGE a little while ago and was struck by how sad and melancholic his performance was in that one. There was a lot of pain behind his eyes, much of it real I’m sure.

    • christian Says:

      watching BLUE VELVET for the first time was one of the top unforgettable moviegoing experiences of my life. And while Hopper was spectacular, I have to say that when Dean Stockwell showed up, the movie was stolen.

      • Oh yeah, Stockwell steals it in that scene where he lipsynchs to Roy Orbison. What a mesmerizing sequence! I love Jack Nance’s little bit where at one point he claps his hands near Kyle MacLachlan’s head and says, “I’m Paul.” Makes me laugh every time.

        • christian Says:

          Dean Stockwell’s scene is truly the most dream-like moment I’ve ever experienced in a movie.

  8. Frank B Says:

    There’s pain in Frank’s eyes, too. Check out the scene at the Slow Club where he’s fondling the fabric cut from Dorothy’s robe.

    He’s misunderstood.

    • frank booth is one of the all-time great cinema psychos and sadists precisely because he is terrifying, hilarious, completely insane and obviously in a great deal of mental pain and anguish all at the same time, which makes him complex and unique as well as just gobsmackingly watchable and cringe-inducing in his villainy

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