Memorial Day


9 Responses to “Memorial Day”

  1. Nice clip! People tend to forget what a devastating critique of the American Civil War THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY is at times, esp. with the futility of blowing up the bridge partway through the film.

    Love this film – hands down my fave western of all-time. Eli Wallach just burns up the screen in this one. No one can say the word, “bastard” with the kind of gusto that he does in this film.

    • christian Says:

      This might be The Man With No Name’s most compassionate moment in the series…or is it when he tells the dying Captain to listen for the sound of the bridge explosion…or when he offers Tuco his cigarillo after they leave his brother’s parish…

      Betwixt this and ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST and RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY…yep.

      • the man with no name was one of my first cinema crushes, tho i wasn’t old enough to catch clint’s iconic role the first time around and came to know him from seeing the films at revivals in tinpot theatres in my teens. and i still have the poncho, they’ll pry it out of my cold, dead hand

        (the word ‘betwixt’ is not used nearly enough in daily conversation. i’m gonna work it in here and there and see how it pans out)


    Hey CHRISTIAN, a serious question that you surely won’t answer:

    How come you never talk about what celebrities you fantasize about or talk about your fetishes or interests or obsessions? A great writer leaves blood, sweat tears and every other bodily fluid in every sentence he ever writes. You need to embrace more of a GONZO CRITICISM like I personally aspire to you, where YOU become the subject of every movie you talk about, and how it relates to your desires and obsessions.

    Just a tip.

    • christian Says:

      Thanks Lex for that Jeff Wells inspired tip. My interests and obsessions go into scripts and filmmaking. The blog is for me to pursue my continuing non-fiction archival socio-cultural insights and interests, not to mention interact with a coterie of cool readers. I’m not a Gonzo critic and I don’t do criticism — that’s for the other side. That’s your style Lex but it ain’t for everybody. BE AN INDIVIDUAL.

  3. Great clip from a great movie, Christian. Thanks for this.

  4. It’s funny, even though I know with 100% certainty that Christian is going to “moderate” every single awesome post I put up about young actresses, it literally NEVER GETS OLD to keep doing it.

    Every single time I post a Miley video or rant about Kristen Stewart’s sexy toes, I know it won’t make it till the end of the hour, but I still laugh every single time I hit Submit, knowing that Christian will have to take it down.

    • christian Says:

      I think it’s funnier, i.e., sad, that you post your pedophile pop fantasias knowing that they won’t last.

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