GOP Idiocracy

This has to be the most staggeringly dumb political party of the past 30 years:

“BP was regulated and it was the regulators fault that this disaster happened. People understand that regulation is the problem and they want corporations in charge.” – George Will


15 Responses to “GOP Idiocracy”

  1. Let’s break that statement down.

    BP was regulated…” True. Past tense. In the last two terms of a Repug President, legislators (led by Cheney) did their utmost in DE-regulating BP.

    and it was the regulators fault that this disaster happened.” True, again. Cheney did so well, they were barely around to keep on eye on the oil company with the worst record for safety.

    People understand that regulation is the problem and they want corporations in charge.” FALSE. If we’ve learned anything of the aftermath of de-regulation, like energy (Enron) and Wall Street (Goldman Sachs for one, but take your pick), it’s the exact opposite. At one time, George Will made cogent arguments that were less obvious for his being corporate shill, but he’s getting old. All I can say is…


    Thanks, christian.

    • christian Says:

      What’s incredible is how nobody laughs in his face and lays him out when he says outrageously stupid things. Today’s GOP have created their own universe now.


    BUSH-CHENEY IN 2012.


  3. Wow. George Will used to at least make sense.

  4. christian Says:

    I mean, it sounds like a National Lampoon line: “People understand that regulation is the problem and they want corporations in charge.”

  5. what i don’t understand is, why is BP, having shown gross negligence and ineptitude in the past and continue to do so to this day, allowed to be in charge of fixing their own disaster caused by their own gross negligence and ineptitude? and further, how is it that they are managing to PREVENT others who may be able to actually fix the problem from doing so, because it reflects badly on them? what is this, grade school? fuck BP, those greedy morons shouldn’t be in charge of the junior prom. once you fuck up royally and display complete and utter incompetence in fixing your own monumental mistake, you are OUTTA THERE. how this allowed to continue is a travesty

    • Anthony Says:

      It’s the Obama Administration’s M.O.: Keep the perpetrators in charge to fix all the carnage they caused. Look no further the reappointment of Ben Bernanke as Fed Chair by Obama. Same with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner who was in charge of the New York Fed when they illegally bailed out AIG to save Goldman Sachs. Keeping BP in charge of the oil disaster is just business as usual for Obama who doesn’t seem to want to rock any boats… literally. Where’s the Attorney General?

      The Republicans are even worse as evidenced here. This country needs a true 3rd party. But not the Sarah Palin endorsed Tea Party. Good grief.

  6. skizziks Says:

    And George Will is still considered an “intellectual” Republican. Can the bar be set any lower? Guess all you need now is a bow-tie.

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