Now That’s A Movie Poster


12 Responses to “Now That’s A Movie Poster”

  1. A movie I definitely want to see. Thanks, christian.

  2. COOL! very retro sixties (colours, style) Sean Connery/James Bond or Steve McQueen/Anything looking!!

    • christian Says:

      Definitely. Right up my alley. Looks like Clooney is about to leap into action on the blog itself…

  3. very niiiiiice

  4. Very PARALLAX VIEW. Pakula would be proud…

  5. oh and the little guy dying inside the title is reminescent of a great french thriller with belmonde, the professional (nothing to do visually, but the concept remains really close)

    • christian Says:

      That looks cool. How is the film?

      • the film is one of the best belmondo of this period. he was on a running success with all this 70s gaumont / renĂ© chateau movies. the professionnal was the last of this good streak. he dies at the end of the movie, which was quite a shock to his fans at the time, and the death of his movie personna…. it was directed by george lautner and dialogs written by the great audiard, based on a famous scandalous political french affair…

        afterwards, it went downhill in the 80s, with turds like LE MARGINAL ( … wish was shot a couple of blocks away from my aunt’s place at the time…

        from then on, it was farce / vigilante movie stuff, bad, bad…

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