Friday 4th Of July Song: Joni Mitchell

To celebrate this weekend of flags and fireworks, there’s nothing better than the title track to song Goddess Joni Mitchell’s stellar 1992 album, “Night Ride Home.” After branching off into more abstract jazz through the 1980’s, she returned to familiar form with this collection of acoustic-synth tunes that run the range of styles and themes. This opening track is a gentle, lyrical open road song celebrating a fourth of July journey among “Hula girls/And caterpillar tractors in the sand.” One of my favorite summer tracks. Enjoy and contemplate what our independence and dependence means to you this weekend. Be safe.


5 Responses to “Friday 4th Of July Song: Joni Mitchell”

  1. America, fuck yeah!

  2. Frank B Says:

    Assholes are gonna be blowing shit up outside my window. Rah rah.

  3. christian Says:

    Break out the bottle rockets.

  4. happy birthday america, 234 is such a cute age

    (joni mitchell is bonza)

  5. christian Says:

    Make a wish. And she is indeed major bonza.

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