Slide # 12: The Spider-Pit Scene

Because we just don’t have enough images from this most fabled of all lost film scenes.


4 Responses to “Slide # 12: The Spider-Pit Scene”

  1. Frank B Says:

    Did it go on for 15 minutes, with people machine-gunning bugs off each other?

    • christian Says:

      I think Willis O’Brien didn’t think of that. He prefered the men dying horrible insectoid deaths.

  2. it was the only thing remotely interesting in peter jackson s remake. even if it was gooey and overlong, it was the only time where i found a shred of excitement in this rotten turd.

  3. Frank B Says:

    I wouldn’t go that far. There’s a fun movie somewhere in the Jackson version. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed by a good editor with chainsaw.

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