Roy Budd Plays “Get Carter”

Easily one of the great soundtracks of all time, Roy Budd’s hip hip keyboard-based sonics for this classic 1971 British gangster film with a defining Michael Caine performance became coveted by DJ’s and outre music afficianados. Here’s the Man himself, Roy Budd, at the helm of his triple threat Wurlitzer, harpsichord and electric piano, jamming away to the stark images of Mike Hodges’ brutal naturalistic crime drama.

One Response to “Roy Budd Plays “Get Carter””

  1. Frank B Says:

    Such a great opening shot, and the music adds immeasurably. Sets the bleak, black-hearted tone of the film. Makes me wanna buy the DVD and the soundtrack, right now.

    You’re always doing that to me. Ever think of trying to make a few cents off Amazon links? (Not that I can afford to buy much of anything these days…)

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