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14 Responses to “Inception”

  1. Hmmm, how have you seen it already? This one has been on my radar since I saw the trailer.

    Christopher Nolan is definitely an interesting filmmaker who seems to bring a bit more to the table that your average blockbuster director. But how does he qualify as “indie” if his films are made with huge wads of cash? He obviously doesn’t make these things on little shoestring budgets. Are we talking more about an attitude? Being willing to do something original and different?

    • christian Says:

      I’m in Hollywood. My turf.

      I call it “indie” half joking but it does have that vision and attitude.

  2. Christopher Nolan has become one of those filmmakers, like Ridley Scott, that nything new of theirs I’ll schedule ato watch no matter the subject. Inception is one of those I’ve anxiously awaited. Can’t wait until this weekend. Thanks.

  3. Yeah, I’m stoked to see this too and will be seeing it this weekend. Can’t wait. I’ve been a fan of his since MEMENTO.

  4. can t wait !!!!! here, it’s coming out next week…..

  5. I say this yesterday. Wow. I’m definitely on the side of folks who loved this film. A brainy Hollywood blockbuster – who woulda thunk?

    INCEPTION is the kinda film that really needs to be seen a few times, I think. I felt like after the end credits rolled that I just scratched the surface of the film and really needed to watch it again to absorb what was going on much more fully.

    Easily DiCaprio’s best role to date. He really nailed and conveyed the moral complexities of his character. The rest of the cast was top notch, in particular Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy. These guys need to do a buddy cop film together or something.

    I also enjoyed the hell out of the climactic action sequence where Nolan juggled three different action scenes in three different dream worlds. Holy crap, that must’ve been a helluva sequence to edit and make it coherent for the audience but Nolan and his editor pulled it off.

    • christian Says:

      The film is a mind bender, but I never felt it beyond comprehension. I enjoyed Leo too, still think he’s one of our best actors. Tom Hardy did rule. Ellen Page was good in the audience surrogate role. Joseph Gordon-Levitt really sold his dogged dedication, especially in the hall fight. Zimmer’s great, audacious score made it feel like the Most Important Battle In The World.

      And I love the last shot especially the audience groaning in delighted frustration. It’s an original with some classic moments.

  6. super cool flick. i know it’s very spoilerly but what are your (as in anybody’s) interpretations of the end? i have my own read but i’m just curious how others saw it and why; the person i saw it with had a different opinion from me, taking the warble of the top to mean cobb was back in the real world and had succeeded in his mission.

  7. saw it yesterday. amazing movie. the perfect james bond, with a narrative spin so mind-bending, i m still drooling.

    *spoilers !*

    there are a lot of possible explanations for the ending. there are several issues : the non-aging kids, the wobble-not, the wedding ring, michael caine, the fact that they awake in the plane WITHOUT Iv drips, the idea of Mal being still alive, wanting her husband back from limbo and trying to incept him to think something….

    more here

    i guess the only thing that matters is really that inception can be so much things, have so much meanings… like a dream. there are no experts on dreams. only dreamers, and many different dreams. first time a blockbuster movie actually treated his public as a smart beast.

    some more madness :

  8. christian Says:

    I do have to say that I haven’t wondered at all about the final shot nor about any of the layers of dream logic. For me, the movie works within its parameters and didn’t leave me with a “need to know.”

    • Exactly how I feel about the film. We know the studio(s) always want the option of a sequel (especially if the film is raking in $$$). I think this stands up just fine on its own. That it generates discussion is fine by me, specifically because of that last scene, is something Nolan has done before. Remember the quick image of Leonard near the end of MEMENTO? The one where he’s laying with his (dead?) wife and the blank space over his heart now has the tattoo that signifies he’s slain his wife’s killer? Thanks, christian.

      • totally agree, the movie works perfectly without any exit sign. the layers were actually quite clear as a closed narrative. i doubt that they would want to make a sequel. an open ending does not specifically calls for a sequel (remember the end of the thing, with people actually arguing over the fact that one of two survivors was infected ?) – open endings have ben used like this, as an incentive, but it is not mandatory. open ended movies are pretty much the equivalent of a nightmare, which is by definition an aborted dream (some say a botched dream). i guess with this movie, the need to know can be replaced by “the will not to know”.

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