Brewster McCloud Soars To DVD

After decades of cult obscurity, Robert Altman’s 1970 film version of Doran William Cannon’s script, BREWSTER MCCLOUD, finally hits DVD in a proper anamorphic version, albeit under the blessed Warner Brother’s Archive banner. Cannon’s script was legendary in the late 60’s and it helped get him a lot of attention. Originally written for Austin Pendleton, Altman was angered that Pendleton turned down the role of Radar O’ Reilly to do CATCH-22 (1970) and instead cast Bud Cort. Bill Cannon told me he was unhappy with Altman’s version, especially after changing the locale from New York to Houston: “He turned it into a circus.” It’s certainly one of Altman’s strangest films and coming on the heels of MASH the same year, would reflect his disparate critical and commercial output over the next four decades. It’s good to finally see BREWSTER MCCLOUD hit the wide-screen proper (although it was released in letter-box laserdisc in the 90’s) and for Altman/cult film completists, it’s a must have. Or at least a must watch.


6 Responses to “Brewster McCloud Soars To DVD”

  1. YAY !!!

  2. Yeah, I ordered my copy. Now I can finally tape over my VHS copy of the film that I tapped off of TCM.

  3. It’s good news, but Warner Archive stuff is just a bit too high in price. THE FUTURIST! has only purchased titles when they have a sale.

  4. christian Says:

    Some things are worth paying for…I consider this along with FREEBIE AND THE BEAN to be essentials…

  5. Frank B Says:

    Love the poster. You can tell they had no idea how to sell it. May as well read “We don’t know what the fuck this thing is, so don’t blame us if you hate it.”

    That sucks for Pendelton. Brings to mind Mickey Rourke repeatedly turning down Tarantino.

    • christian Says:

      There’s a couple different posters and the other one makes it look more wacky and MASH-esque. I saw a screening at LACMA with Bud Cort in attendance and it hols up as a fascinating artifact, another unique cult film from the mind of Bill Cannon.

      Austin says turning down MASH was his biggest regret, but he appeared in CATCH-22 which is a masterpiece in its own right. And Gary Burghoff needed a career too.

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