Friday Song: Split Enz

The first time I heard this song I was hooked keyboard line and chorus sinker. I still believe “I Got You” is the first real New Wave song of the 80’s, even though groups like Japan certainly had that honor, but this international hit signified the catchy dark synthesizer rock sound that would represent the neon decade. They even had a stylized video for the song, pre-MTV. “True Colours” is also one of the unheralded great pop records of the era; the New Zealand songwriting duo of Tim and Neil Finn were no one-hit slouches, later moving into the more shimmering sounds of “Crowded House.” So here they are from 1980 on ABC’s late and lamented (by me anyway) SNL competitor, “Fridays” — which introduced us to Larry David, Michael Richards and a few memorable moments such as Andy Kaufman’s stage battle (how easily he danced between this show and SNL) among other bits. “Fridays” always had great musical guests, and this kickin’ live version of “I Got You” takes me back to those tiny rooms of blue light, comic books and high school around the corner…

5 Responses to “Friday Song: Split Enz”

  1. yay!

    when i’m without
    i stay in my room;
    where do you go?
    i get no answer.
    you’re always out,
    it gets on my nerves!

    (cheers c)

  2. wow a LOT of ENZ fans on T-DREAMS!

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