Exit The Dragon

July 20, 1973. One week later…


4 Responses to “Exit The Dragon”

  1. Hard to believe it was 37 years ago today that Bruce Lee died. I remember sitting with friends, bummed truly, and talking about when it was announced on the news. Great that you recalled and posted this, christian. Thanks.

  2. aw sad :-( my bruce!

    that ‘enter the dragon’ one-sheet is just a stone-cold beauty. the ginormous fist and hand and nunchucks and the guy on the rope just scream ‘kick-ass action spectacular’

  3. this movie traumatized me as a child…. like a dark, strange james bond…. perfect score, perfect pitch… and perfect deaths… a true, universal narrative structure…

    found this, waking up

  4. Great film and it reminds me of what a suave badass John Saxon was back in the day!

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