Breitbart EPIC FAIL

What a disaster. Scumbag Andrew Breitbart posts a doctored video trying to smear an innocent named Shirley Sherrod (in clear retaliation for the NAACP resolution against Tea Party Racists) who in turn is blindsided by Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, who demands her resignation without even a cursory review. Of course Sherrod is not racist and her video story is about how she ended up transcending race. This whole shameful thing reveals the fundamental greedy infantilism of the New Media.


3 Responses to “Breitbart EPIC FAIL”

  1. “The End of Andrew Breitbart’s Credibility”?


  2. This story really depressed me but I see you’ve posted a picture of ’60’s-era Julie Christie on the masthead so…all is well!

    Seriously, f**k that guy (Breitbart AND Vilsack for knuckling under).

  3. christian Says:

    Check out this actual post from one nitwit named Greg Hengler at — or Clownhall as I like to call it. The disconnect is staggering:

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