Hooray For Hollywood


7 Responses to “Hooray For Hollywood”

  1. skizziks Says:

    Boy, for surreal, mind-blowing, what-the-fuck-were-they-thinking weirdness nothing tops the BBVH. I urge anyone who’s never seen this thing to do so post-haste. Along with the Star Wars Christmas Special, it’s the standard to which I compare any desperately wrongheaded quick-buck entertainment. The Simpsons of course did a great parody of this in the “Spin-off Showcase” episode, but nothing beats the real thing.

    • christian Says:

      You can see Robert Reed almost willing himself to disappear onstage. I just want to see the development meetings that led to this series. Who knew Bruce Vilanch weilded so much awesome power…

  2. oh. my. god.

    (cringing too much to make it all the way thru, genuinely horrifying. those poor souls)

    i’m a ‘partridge family’ girl all the way, the brady bunch made me want to throw up in my mouth a little, even as a kid

    • christian Says:

      I think I blocked this show out of my mind. I always found 70’s variety shows the height of cheap tacky show biz horror. I had to leave the room.

  3. What about those suits?

    * faint *

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