Happy Birthday Geddy Lee

Rush is still one of my favorite and influential bands. I never understood the critical disdain…well, yes I did. People don’t like Geddy Lee’s voice, Alex Lifeson’s guitar solos are too long or Neil Peart’s drumming is too technical…the critics hated their Ayn Rand roots or the epic scope of their songwriting and blah blah blah…Rush RAWKS. And anybody who sang with Bob and Doug McKenzie (did you know Geddy went to school with Rick Moranis?) and helped get them a top 20 single in 1982 deserves their Great White North cake and brew.


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Geddy Lee”

  1. RUSH???




  2. I got dragged to a Rush show once in 1992.

    The opening act was MR BIG, of all things.

    They were better than Rush.

  3. LexG, youre a frickin idiot!

    • Philip James Says:

      Thanks, Blimpy! Whenever these morons (trolls) post rude things about Rush, it’s just envy. They can’t stand that Rush is sooo technically perfect, yet still as fresh, and as relevant today, as they ever were! LONG LIVE GEDDY LEE! LONG LIVE RUSH!

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