World Premiere


20 Responses to “World Premiere”

  1. That was awesome. When are you gonna do the prequel?

    • christian Says:

      I have to remaster the original first. I’m adding extra tentacles.

      The prequel won’t be as epic though. More intimate. With extra tentacles.

  2. realistic sound design. brilliant light sabre lens flare, evocative score, environmentally topical. effortless fx. doesn’t wear out its welcome.

  3. it’s light saber, isn’t it. stupid queen’s english

  4. Very cool.

    So, when’s the director’s cut coming out on DVD?

  5. alexandre aja’s remake sucks. i wish they d stop remaking the classics.

  6. THE FUTURIST! Says:

    Is it a horror film or inspirational? If the former, THE FUTURIST! wants to watch it in SHOCKtober!

  7. THE FUTURIST! Says:

    IT needs John Huston, Shelley Winters, and Henry Fonda as THE PRESIDENT.

  8. I like the protagonist, but the plot’s a bit convoluted.

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