Mosque Of The Red, White & Blue Death

Whenever I think the GOP can’t sink any further into their miasma of fear, hate and bigotry, they continue to unpleasantly surprise me. The instinctual monkey behavior when it comes to Republicans in their efforts to gin up divisive points to further their wretched cause is truly depressing. Especially since less than two weeks ago, the GOP BLOCKED a 9/11 Responders Health Care bill — yet they once again try to wrest moral authority on the victims. Even after Ann Coulter said the 9/11 widows “relished their husband’s deaths.” And of course, FOX’s Morning Zoo Poster Boy Beck showed his concern with this Republican-fueled compassionate paen to New Yorkers who lost their loved ones:


4 Responses to “Mosque Of The Red, White & Blue Death”

  1. This whole thing has filled me with rage and hate.

    This made me feel better though:

    • christian Says:

      Seriously. It’s so disgusting. And that polls (which I don’t believe) showing that more Americans are against the cultural center is more depressing.

    • I know! I don’t have a lot of patience for your average religious screwball of any stripe, but I’m happy to live in a country that, at least on paper, defends an individual’s religious freedom.

      Yet here we have a bunch of people hiding behind the flag who’d institutionalize hate if they could.

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