The ABC Sunday Night Movie ’79

10 Responses to “The ABC Sunday Night Movie ’79”

  1. There’s something so ill-fitting about a film like TAXI DRIVER being intermixed with that cheery Sunday Night Movie intro music. Thanks, christian.

  2. I remember the promos for that broadcast, though I didn’t watch the actual event. I was quite curious how they would edit that very adult film for TV.

    • christian Says:

      They edited the F–HELL–K out of it as ABC usually did.

      • Ever see ABC’s version of ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE? They rearranged the whole picture in editing and added a voiceover narration.

        The worst cutting job I remember, though, was CBS-TV’s version of THE WILD BUNCH. They didn’t even show that in prime-time, but on their Late Show back in the mid/late-70s. Nearly every gunshot and drop of blood were removed.

  3. I love that open.

    Along with these 7 seconds:

    Those and the beginning of Wonderful World of Disney define my childhood.

    Sad, but true.

  4. Whoa, LOVE things like this– the ABC Sunday movie opening… Grew up watching my favorite movies massacred and in that unmistakably crappy “ABC color” from the early ’80s (the Bonds, Superman II, Wolfen, Nighthawks, etc) but never saw one going back as far as ’79. I’m assuming it was the ABC cut of “Taxi Driver” that was making the syndicated rounds circa 1986, which is where I first saw it, on the local AFTERNOON movie, cut to 96m to fit a 2-hour time slot… and MISSING the “You talkin’ to me?” scene.

    Surely there must be a name for that ABC COLOR. Why did their prime time movies look like that? CBS and NBC ran theatrical movies too on given nights, and they never, ever looked as cruddy as they did on ABC (just remembered STIR CRAZY looking like total shit on ABC as well.)

    That OHMSS cut is SURREAL. One of the weirdest things imaginable… Even though it’s a relief there aren’t all these weird hatchet job TV cuts floating around anyone, I will say it was truly strange in the late ’70s through about the late ’80s to tune into network or syndicated TV just to see what bizarro recut job or alternate version would be used for a recent movie on regular television. Universal in particular seemed to go out of their way to hack and dub their movies in the strangest way imaginable.

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