Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Literally it seems. Go see this kinetic action comedy romantic musical epic NOW.

16 Responses to “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World”

  1. Best movie of the summer.

  2. Worst movie of the year.

  3. nobody will go see this movie with me, not even the boy, it’s very bizarre. i think i’m gonna have to go on my lonesome (which is fine because i actually very much enjoy going to an uncrowded matinee on my own. people are noisy and distracting)

    • christian Says:

      Your boy WILL LOVE THIS. Tell him he has to go or he’s punished.

      • i keep telling him to trust me, i think he’d like it from what i’ve heard and gathered, that’s it’s the ‘shaun of the dead’ director, lots of action and humour, chris evans is in it (i thought THAT might work because he’s a big fan) but noooooooo, he insists it looks “lame-as”…grrrr, there’s always water boarding i suppose

  4. I totally agree! This is a great summer flick, lots of fun.

    If you have not already done so, I HIGHLY recommend reading the manga/graphic novels. Number 6 just came out. I’m on #5. The humor displayed in the film is very evident in the books. And they are loads of fun, too.

  5. anybody here read the comic book ? i m such a huge fan… haven’t seen the movie yet, i m not sure when it opens here, but i ve heard the stuff is crazy… and there is an AWESOME anamanaguchi score ! lucky you !

    • christian Says:

      Never read it. Let me know when it opens. And yes, an awesome score with good songs by Beck. Uh, weren’t you supposed to come out to LA?

  6. I’ve read the entire comic series (great) and have now seen the movie twice (greater). This is a superb work of POP art from Edgar Wright & Co. “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is neck & neck with “Inception” as the best film of the summer (& perhaps the year).

    • christian Says:

      It’s an instant cult classic and no surprisingly (except to the marketing) some of the biggest raves have come from female pals who tend to not be into games or anime etc. In the end, it’s a romance.

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