Friday Song: Devo

The strangest pop band in US music history remains these avant-garde spudheads from Akron, Ohio. Formed in 1973, they created an entire cultural persona with their Church Of Bob New Traditionalism, the first real Nerd Chic. Their freaky baby-faced, jump-suited mascot, Boojie Boy, terrified me in the clips I’d see on the late lamented visionary Bay Area show, VIDEO-WEST. They ended up on both “Saturday Night Live” and its fascinating, often funny competitor, “Fridays,” which had a more punk Los Angeles esthetic. In the spirit of Labor Day, here’s Devo doing an old number in their new wave. That’s D-E-V-O.


2 Responses to “Friday Song: Devo”

  1. ahhhh Fridays. The start of Michael Richards and Larry David. Also, I had a crush on Melanie Chartoff.

    • I can’t believe FRIDAYS hasn’t been released on DVD given the talent involved. And Melanie Chartoff was a honey.

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