Favorite Title Theatre: Manhattan (1979)

If you wanted to make an objective list for the Greatest Title Scenes In Film History, you’d have to find space for the wry, lush, funny and majestic opening for MANHATTAN, the film that really solidified Woody Allen’s post-comedy reputation. Shot in the most glorious of black and white by Gordon Willis, Woody’s intellectual fantasia of urban neurosis and romantic attraction was a huge hit with critics and audiences at the peak of his 1970’s cultural influence. The script by Allen and Marshall Brickman focuses on a rather privileged group of New Yorkers entangled in small numb dramas and dalliances, filtered through the writer’s unique satire. The movie is a true cinematic love letter and on any given day, my favorite Woody Allen film. And that title scene!

3 Responses to “Favorite Title Theatre: Manhattan (1979)”

  1. Yeah, definitely one of the greats and Woody’s finest film to date – his masterpiece, in fact. It’s one of those films that I can sit down and watch almost any time. And that gorgeous black and white cinematography… amazing!

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