On The Download

Wisely following the prints of the Warner Brothers Archive, Sony/Columbia have unveiled their own line of overdue library titles with their SCREEN CLASSICS BY REQUEST. There are some fantastic films on this list and more to come I hope — NEIGHBORS! I’m most excited about the release here of MICKEY ONE (1965) and DUFFY (1968), two disparate yet vital cult films. Arthur Penn’s existential nouvelle vogue  MICKEY ONE starring Warren Beatty as a bad comedian on the run from mob bosses — and himself — might be the most pretentious studio film of the 60’s, possibly the 70’s and 80’s as well. Which is all to its benefit as far as I’m concerned. MICKEY ONE is one of the first cinematic salvos for what would become The New Hollywood Cinema, a perfect prelude to BONNIE & CLYDE, except Penn’s film is wildly abstract and experimental, shot by Ghislain Cloquet in glorious Kafka noir black and white (with jazz score by Stan Getz!). Beatty is terrific, certainly mannered, but brazen and I like the ideas of these two stubborn artists trying to buck the system. MICKEY ONE  deserves a full-blown DVD release with commentary, etc. but at least we can finally have a remastered version of this cult curio. I still have never seen DUFFY (1968) but any late 60’s film with James Coburn as the leader of a thief gang in Swinging London who hijack a yacht is one for the pop-art movie vaults. This is a healthy trend and hopefully other studios follow suit to keep film history unreeling.


10 Responses to “On The Download”

  1. There is also THE MAD ROOM with Shelley Winters and Stella Stevens. This little unknown thriller is remembered in a haze of years gone by .. it was watched on TV and it scared THE YOUNG FUTURIST! very much. It’s in the style of WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH HELEN? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AUNT ALICE? and such.

    Oh … and Dom DeLuise in HOT STUFF
    (written by Donald E. Westlake!)

    • There’s a treasure trove of The Forgotten, including Soupy Sales BIRDS DO IT (1966) and DOCTOR’S WIVES (1970)…

  2. that knotted yellow twine belt on coburn is hilarious. i’m not sure that outfit and the word ‘tough’ belong on the same one-sheet (i haven’t seen the movie tho so he could be tough as all hell with that yellow hobo belt for all i know)

    • There’s a more apropos pop-psychedelic poster for DUFFY but I love that outre outfit on Coburn. Dying to see this film in a nice remastered version.

  3. I noticed that they also have available NIGHTWING which is funky little B-horror movie starring Nick Mancuso! Awesome. Nice to see Sony following Warners’ lead.

  4. Thanks for the alert — I saw DUFFY only once, on TV sometime in the late 60s. I was probably about 12 years old and I remember it being very groovy… in a Nehru jacket sort of way. Donald Cammell’s hipster mod screenplay was directed by the relatively square Robert Parrish. It’s probably awful, but I’m buying it. DeepDiscountDVD is offering it for a couple of dollars less than Sony/Columbia.

  5. Some fascinating titles in here, but I wonder if maybe DOCTORS’ WIVES should stay forgotten.

    And how could you not mention THE LOVE MACHINE?

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