Friday Song: AnnMarie Barenchi

What’s the use of an esthetic bully pulpit unless you fully utilize it? In the interests of hyping a talented new musician, TD presents “Like” by singer/songwriter AnnMarie Barenchi. At the worldly age of 14, AnnMarie is writing catchy, lyric-intensive songs that I predict will be on many lips and minds within the next few years. Hopefully this song and video (put together guerilla-style over a weekend in majestic Glacier, Washington with a dedicated crew) will signal the start of a long and illustrious career. Look for a remastered version and more videos to come! I think you’ll fall in love with “Like”…


One Response to “Friday Song: AnnMarie Barenchi”

  1. wow she’s only 14? an old soul me thinks, she sounds great

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