Goodbye Sally

This is just plain sad news. Sally Menke was an editing genius.

Director Quentin Tarantino’s longtime film editor, who went hiking with her dog amid the extreme heat Monday, was discovered dead early Tuesday morning by searchers in Beachwood Canyon, according to law-enforcement sources.

Award-winning film editor Sally Menke, 56, worked on such movies as “Pulp Fiction,” “Kill Bill” and “Jackie Brown.”

3 Responses to “Goodbye Sally”

  1. This is pretty damn shocking. L.A. Times is reporting officials are going on the theory she “became disoriented and collapsed, and the weather conditions contributed to her death.” Given the record 113º F heat we had, that’s entirely possible. Still, quite sad. She will be missed, big time. Thanks, christian.

  2. Which begs the question what was she doing outside in the first place? That’s why you check the weather before you go out…

    What a damn shame.

  3. really sad, what a horrible thing to happen, just awful. condolences to her family and friends for their loss — our loss too, obviously. at least her sterling work and talent lives on in the terrific stories she helped to tell in her all-too-short life. rest in peace, sally.

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