Shocktober Saturday Nite Movie


3 Responses to “Shocktober Saturday Nite Movie”

  1. cool drive-in ad, complete with death-by-fright insurance! (but you’re shit out of luck if you had heart/’nervous’ conditions, whatever ‘nervous conditions’ are…)

    the phone # is hilarious, short & sweet, i could actually remember that. i’m shocking with numbers.

    (i’m pretty sure i’ve seen ‘macabre’…’hell’s five hours’ not so much. i’d have to look that up)

  2. christian Says:

    Oddly, my eyes gravitate straight past the skull to the phone number.

    MACABRE is playing in Hollywood tonight at the Cinefamily.

    Cheap insurance too – cost of a ticket!

  3. yes, the text box draws the eye in graphic design, and of the three prominent boxes used in the layout (tho the bottom rectangles form more of a banner, really) , that little phone box at the top really pops out at you. like they really did want you to call. i bet they even had a real live person who answered the phone.

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