Monster Mash: Tribute To Ishiro Honda

Possibly the greatest publicity photo of all time.

If you’re in or around the Bay Area, you should definitely pit-stop at the fantastic Other Cinema for a night of kaiju monster madness courtesy of OTAKU publisher Patrick Macias and the expert August Ragone, who’ll be presenting media context for Toho’s eternal film estate of sci-fi creature destruction and their directorial maestro, Ishiro Honda. Then a wonderful showing of WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS (1966), my personal fave non-Gozilla monster epic. All this and sake too! You know the other Giants are going to win anyway…

2 Responses to “Monster Mash: Tribute To Ishiro Honda”

  1. And the words get stuck in my throat… My absolute favorite Japanese monster movie.

    I’m surprised War of the Gargantuas hasn’t had a big Hollywood re-make-over. Lady Gaga could sing the song.

  2. frankenbooth Says:

    Gargantuas don’t eat polyester. They’re too health-conscious.

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