The media has been besides itself self-projecting a “GOP Tsunami” — which I say is bullshit — based on the polls that continue to swing wildly while the talking heads that crave the horse-race, which leads to hits or ratings, or worse, an attempt to actually affect the outcome of the election by implying the deal is done and the Republicans are back in da house. Even Jon Stewart has been guilty of this assumption, with the Huffington Post trying its damndest to help the GOP swing back into power so they can have something to impel another few years of outraged punditry. It’s time to ignore the self-appointed guardians who have become gargoyles. Vote!


3 Responses to “VOTE”

  1. DakotaRules Says:

    Waste of time.

    Stay home and get drunk.


    No thanks. Say NO to both. DO NOT VOTE.

    Not like your ONE VOTE counts anyway.

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