Dia De Las Muerte

The Japanese don’t care about surprises when they cut their version of a trailer. That’s okay because for a film like DAY OF THE DEAD (1985) you know what you’re getting. Join the celebration!


4 Responses to “Dia De Las Muerte”

  1. Trailers for American films in the Seventies, (for exploitation films in particular) were also guilty of this. They showed everything up front.

    • It’s true, sometime even showing a film’s final shot or scene at the end. But then, we didn’t have the web to SPOIL all secrets forever…

  2. for some reason i can’t post in the ‘they live’ thread so i decided this was the most similar thread in which to post in the wrong thread, to say ‘they live’ is bonza. i remember putting it on my ‘so bad it’s good’ list ages ago on the hotblog and taking some flak, but i meant it in the best ‘intentional low-budget silly B movie satire done awesomely’ way (another popular choice was my inclusion of ‘warriors’ on that list, i seem to remember christian even giving me a bit of shit for that one)

    • Looks like somebody OBEY turned off the comments box — it is open season and no wonder there was nobody chiming in…

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