The Media Is The Meme

It’s bewildering but not surprising to watch the Professional Left eat themselves up after the mid-term non-Tsunami (media meme FAIL) that nevertheless led to more teeth and keyboard gnashing from the usual suspects like The Daily Kos, Huffington Post, etc. So called liberals and progressives now attack President Obama as a “pussy” “weak” “spineless” or in Michael Moore’s sad case, accusing him of wearing a “pink tutu” on Bill Maher  — because he’s like TOTALLY GAY, get it? The problem is a non-stop chattering class of TV and blogosphere pundits who have to find an Outrage Du Jour to drum up necessary hits or ratings. Arianna Huffington has proven to be the most irresponsible of the new “left” media, the former Republican and yachting buddy of Newt Gingrich, who makes sure that the HP always has a daily false or misleading headline to spread the fear and paranoia and OUTRAGE over things that have not yet happened or never will. Her newest pet, Howard “Hack” Fineman, spun off the latest FluffPo Fantasy with the news that Michael Bloomberg and Joe Scarborough were considering a 2012 presidential run. Even after Scarborough vociferously denied this, the big brains at Kos and elsewhere think this was a “trial balloon” to test the reaction. As if anybody cares what Markos Moulitas thinks about their chances. And the new gullible sheep of the left, who crave their own FOX brainwashing apparently, simply say, “Oh, sure he denied it, but I bet it’s still true!” Why? Because they READ it on The Huffington Post. And then Daily Kos repeats. Spin. Wash. Repeat. And the cannibalistic dwellers of the left will march lockstep to eat their own arms off to spite their keyboards. Ever since Bill Clinton signed the 1996 Telecommunications Act – effectively severing the public airwaves from their original purpose and owners (that would be “We The People”) — our media has been taken over by a thousand Lonesome Rhodes, left and right, who simply create a lie and watch as others run with the meme. I’ve never seen the populace so collectively polarized or stupid, and there is no actual NEWS anymore — even Keith Olbermann straight up cried out against “Worshipping before the false god of utter objectivity” in a bizarro rant that I guess means we need more blowhards like him to guide us into the truth. No thanks, Keith. I’ll take the BBC over the MSNBC, two anchors sitting at a desk in front of green screen from 1974 and simply going over the stories of the day instead of the ADD spinning cams and hieroglyphic chyrons that clog up the screen these scoundrel days. The Media controls the flow of information and we are being subjugated by their false corporatist agenda. But Americans have within their reach more unfettered access to genuine information than at any other time in history — and the nation does not seem to be the smarter for this. Good Night and Good Luck.


9 Responses to “The Media Is The Meme”

  1. You nailed it, christian. The corporate sponsored media has singlehandedly destroyed any remnant of journalistic integrity we once had. 24/7 news cycle and daily crisis management (something has to generate ratings, and spin) is SOP, now. You bring an excellent point that both the Left and the Right are well represented here. Both want to paint everything either Red or Blue to generate heat (though never any light, anymore).

    Kudos for the ending the post with the Edward R. Murrow line. His like is what is needed today. Thanks, my friend.

    • Thanks my friend. I’m not surprised by what’s been going down — in fact I railed against Clinton in 96 when he signed the wretched Telecomm act that led to FOX Nation, but the misaligned rage of the Left in the face of overwhelming corporate dominance will only lead to more Tea Partiers or worse, an apathy against voting which was made manifest by the mid-terms.

      • Good point. Few remember that particular act these days, and that we’re living in its downstream pollution. It’s no coincidence then that the Right never criticizes Clinton for signing such a thing. I fear the aftereffects of the Supreme Court Corporations are Peopleruling will undermine even more.

  2. Noam Chomsky’s words are more and more prophetic every day. Or, rather, they’re coming true (or already have?). I just watched that MANUFACTURING CONSENT doc. again and it is interesting what he says about The New York Times and just how the pick the news that’s fit to print.

    • Yes, that’s an amazing and depressing doc. And it’s not as if the news pre-web was more free or uncensored, but certainly it was less beholden to the entertainment division as that one from 1975 prophecized…

  3. YEAH, X!

    To quote Chris Hedges, “The American Left is a phantom . . . And while we waste our time talking nonsense, the engines of corporate power—masked, ruthless and unexamined—happily devour the state.” The Daily Kos and Huffington Posts et al, every one of them suffering from serious auto-cephalic rectal impaction, are nothing more than the puppets the Right is using to perpetuate the myth of the Left and hence to drive their engine of Lies.

    Hedges is on the pulse:

    Also, check out Nicholas Carr’s recent book, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing Our Brains. It’s a nice explication of what is what re the Web and why, as you note X, we are in fact less informed despite our greater access . . .

    • This is a good quote about the Stewart rally:

      Politics in America has become spectacle. It is another form of show business. The crowd in Washington, well trained by television, was conditioned to play its role before the cameras. The signs —“The Rant is Too Damn High,” “Real Patriots Can Handle a Difference of Opinion” or “I Masturbate and I Vote”—reflected the hollowness of current political discourse and television’s perverse epistemology. The rally spoke exclusively in the impoverished iconography and language of television. It was filled with meaningless political pieties, music and jokes. It was like any television variety program. Personalities were being sold, not political platforms. And this is what the society of spectacle is about.

  4. Hey Christian:

    I like the cut of your jib (or is it gib?). Been following HuffPo for a while and though I feel compelled to insist that there is some very worthwhile reading to be found there, I have grown tired of the site’s weakness for sensationalism, misleading headlines, and, frankly, non-stories that I really don’t give a shit about. Just wondering, where do you go for your online news?

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