Saturday Afternoon Matinee ’82


6 Responses to “Saturday Afternoon Matinee ’82”

  1. Dood, that is the BEST POSTER EVER. Period.

  2. That’s perhaps the most depressing decade/era of American film. It was as if the whole world turned brown.

    • Well, there was a lot of brown, but this movie is filmed in crimson sheen, stylishly directed by Kurosawa protege Albert Pyun, and was the best of the 80’s sword n’ sorcerey films outside EXCALIBUR. This one delivered babes, monsters, triple-blade swords and Lee Horsely kickin’ medievel ass. One of the grand times as a lad in the theatre womb — literally on Saturdat afternoon opening weekend…

  3. I thought it was more entertaining than Milius’s ponderous CONAN. At least it was goofy on purpose. Sawr it at a drive-in, appropriately enough.

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