Ingrid Pitt RIP

Another legend passes the veil. Just watched her the other night as a tough terrorist who gets in a deadly cat fight in the exciting, right-wing, THE FINAL OPTION (1983). She was still as lovely with her Nordic cheekbones and husky authoritative voice. I’d let her cat fight me too. Film fans adored her as the screen’s first full-on lesbian creature of the night in Hammer’s groundbreaking THE VAMPIRE LOVERS (1970) and COUNTESS DRACULA (1971), about which I gush here, and she already established her badass credentials as the machine-gun totin’ double agent in WHERE EAGLES DARE (1968) — here’s a column she wrote about the film at the Den Of Geek. Pitt was also immortalized in the occult classic, THE WICKER MAN (1973). She was certainly typecast in genre roles, and she would have been great as a sexy Bond villainess, but she was rightly proud of her fine work, especially given her trailblazing cinematic status. Raise a crimson glass.


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