Irvin Kershner RIP

I don’t even want to write another one of these — so in simple tribute here’s my favorite scene from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK with my favorite John Williams track from the STAR WARS trilogy:


7 Responses to “Irvin Kershner RIP”

  1. This terrible year for losses continues, sadly. The director of the best episode in the entire STAR WARS series will be missed.

  2. Also loved the work he did on EYES OF LAURA MARS.

  3. aw the legends are getting old and dying, kinda depressing.

    RIP kershner, so glad i was around to see you work your magic. peace be the journey.

  4. And I don’t wanna comment on another one of these! Jeez, enough already!

  5. Still have never seen Kershner’s 1970 LOVING, which has been at the top of my obscure 70’s cinema list. He directed the most unique Babs Streisand movie of her career, UP THE SANDBOX, which runs the gamut of styles and shows Kershner did have a visual stamp — and check out the scene where Babs joins with a revolutionary terrorist group to blow up the State Of Liberty….And the film has some of the most eclectic beautiful sequences in any studio film of the decade.

    Imagine a career that arcs from LOVING to ROBOCOP 2!

  6. i m actually a very big fan of never say never again.

    am i alone ?

    hello ?

    anyone ?

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